SOLANO ARTS by Claudio Solano

Claudio A. Solano - artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil; currently residing in McKinney, TX.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts and graduated at FAAP, University of Fine Arts and Communications in Sao Paulo, Claudio Solano has worked in advertising companies, and also restoring murals and statues in churches and designing public landmarks in his native country.
Soon after coming to U.S.A. and working in the advertising field, his talent was being recognized with Gold and Silver Awards from the Visual Communication Society.

His career as an artist includes a wide range of projects in different countries and states, such as an impressive 30 x 60 feet concrete sculpture of a grizzly bear at theme park in Cleveland, Ohio; 20 feet long historical mural for the Bridgehampton’s Post Office in Long Island, N.Y. ; also unique work as 50 x 100 feet outdoor lawn mural for the championship celebration of the “STARS” hockey team in Dallas, TX; restoration of a pirates’ mural at the Stewart’s mansion as Galveston historical heritage contribution; designing and painting ceilings in Houston and Dallas residences and commercial businesses.

Variety of his work covers wall murals, oil paintings, sculptures, woodcarvings, architectural renderings, signage, designing and producing waterfalls in various land development projects.
Most of his art works are influenced by his Brazilian passion for colors in a fusion with European impressionism.